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    She Said Yes

    Matthew & Chelsea

    Matthew proposed to me on February 1st, 2017. It was your typical Wednesday night when he asked me if I wanted to go to our first and favorite brewery in the Denver area. I was tired from working and said I didn’t feel like going out. Matthew quickly called my brother who lives with me asking him to assist him with his plan. When Colin got home he said “Man I could really use a Left Hand Beer”. So, I gave in after both wanted to go. Matthew had it set up at Left Hand Brewery that when we arrived they would fill my beer with a glass that was engraved with the message “Chelsea Lynn will you marry me? Love, Matthew”. However, the bartender who served us our first beer did not get the memo and served me with a regular glass. So, while we finished our first beer they asked if I wanted another and I agreed. This time they got it right. Immediately after serving me my beer they turned down the music and got everyone in position to cheer and take pictures, meanwhile I was oblivious to it all. After realizing this was no regular glass, Matthew got down on one knee and proposed! It was a perfect night that ended with the most beautiful ring put on my left hand.

    Chase & Kourtney

    How we met: Last year, was my first year of teaching 2nd grade in Flandreau. In the early fall, we had a fire prevention training in which all of the classes came to hear to the fire fighters talk. Chase (who is a volunteer fire fighter) helped lead the program. Our barely caught glances and passing high-five was technically the first time that we had ever met. However, nothing ever came about… Until a few weeks passed and Chase’s niece, who was in my class, insisted, time and time again, that I go on a date with her Uncle Chase. After many times of ignoring these statements and simply brushing them aside, I got to thinking and finally said yes to a date. (Which I am so thankful for now!) After our first date, came a few more; and within no time at all, we both knew that we had found ​”The One”. ​

    The proposal: Fast forward to this past September, Chase and I were supposed to enjoy a camping trip with my good friends from college. Unfortunately, stormy weather got the best of my friends’ camp site and they ended up cancelling. With this news, I tried to convince Chase that we should just stay at home, too. But, little did I know, Chase had other plans. – This trip was going to happen! We drove about 4 hours to Lanesboro, MN and got to his Grandmother’s house just in time for bed. In the morning, we woke up and had coffee on the front porch as we looked over the entire town. (His Grandmother’s house sits high on a bluff overlooking Lanesboro). As we finished our coffee, Chase told me that his family would be up taking photos for his niece’s school project. Giving it no thought at all, we walked around the entire property taking photos until we finally came upon the bluff. His family suggested that Chase and I take a picture. We stood for pictures for a few moments and then Chase suggested a “fun” one. He said “Let’s go back to back and point towards the town”. So I did. After a moment of awkward pointing and even more awkward silence, I turned back around to see if the picture had been taken yet. To my wonderful surprise, when I turned around, I saw Chase on one knee with a beautiful white ring box. He opened up the box and spoke the most amazing phrase “Kortney, will you marry me?” I was shocked and surprised beyond words! After a slight moment, I, of course, said YES! It certainly was a camping trip to be remembered forever.

    Henry & Jazmin

    Henry and my engagement story is a weeks worth of adventure packed into one day. We have always joked to one another that our relationship has been an adventure. It seems as if even when we have a set plan life throws in a couple of twists and turns as well, which only makes the heart grow fonder. Our day date to the Black Hills, SD took place on Saturday, July 9th. We had it planned that we would leave early at 5:00 am from my house and return home at 3:00 am the following Sunday morning. It was prearranged that we would have dinner reservations at 7:30 pm at the Alpine Inn in Hill City, SD, but we would visit multiple must-sees in the Black Hills before then. The morning started with a beautiful sunrise, but a typical Henry and Jazmin date always has a few interesting mishaps along the way. We began a beautiful Saturday morning with a flat tire, which put us a hour behind schedule, but we made the best of it. When we arrived in the Black Hills area we stopped at the Badlands, had lunch in Wall, visited Mount Rushmore. We set a goal of hiking Harney Peak in a little over two hours just to stay on schedule. It usually takes between four and five hours. On our 3 mile hike to the top we were hailed on and completely soaked to the bones, but we enjoyed the beautiful view at the top and took a few pictures along the way. On the return 3.25 mile hike down we were hailed on yet again and ran through the puddles along the trail, which turned into stream. We laughed and had a wonderful time making the most of our flat tire and hail experience. We continued to joke that it would only happen to us, since that is the luck we seem have. When we finished our hike we swam in Sylvan lake for a short period of time and then cleaned up for our dinner reservation which was quickly approaching. Before dinner, we stopped at Buffalo Old Time Photo in Hill City, SD to take an old time fashioned picture together. It is a family tradition of mine to take one every five years and this was something I wanted to share with Henry as well. We dressed in our western costumes and began taking pictures. Little did I know, the ladies at the business received a call two weeks earlier that we would be coming in and Henry needed them to capture absolutely everything that occurred. In the middle of taking pictures Henry asked me, “Do you remember the question I asked just before I asked you out?” Caught off guard, I went blank and could not remember. Henry proceeded to tell me the story of how he asked me out. He said, “I asked you, ‘Can I ask you a question?’ and then I asked if you would go out with me.” I then remembered and Henry paused and then continued “Well, I am going to ask you another question.” Henry got down on one knee and then asked, “Jazmin Wubben, will you marry me?” Of course I said “yes.” The ladies at Buffalo Old Time Photo captured the whole event for us, which we are so thankful for.The night didn’t end quite yet. We had our dinner reservations at the Alpine Inn, which was just a walk down the street, and as we walked down into the back of the restaurant I say my father’s head. Henry had it planned that my mother, father, and brother as well as his own family would come to the Black Hills to share our special day with us. It turned out that both of our families had been dodging us all day. Our day date turned into a surprise weekend long trip as I stayed in the Black Hills two additional days with the Goeden’s on their family vacation. The adventure of our relationship doesn’t stop there, we began as high school sweethearts in 2011 and on September 30, 2017 we will be husband and wife. We definitely are livin’ the dream!

    Why Wink’s? Brookings has became a special part of our relationship in order to remember our memories at SDSU and in Brookings, Henry wanted the ring to come from a place we have began to call our second “home.” Wink’s was the perfect fit! Thank you for all of your assistance with the ring. I absolutely love it! I could not be any happier!

    Adam & Nicole

    Adam and I went out to dinner at Craft in Brookings. After dinner, Adam had suggested checking out McCrory Gardens. McCrory Gardens is a beautiful garden connected to the SDSU campus. Neither one of us had been to the Gardens in several years. Adam had mentioned wanting to go there several times over the summer, so I didn’t find it strange when he said he had gotten some free passes to the Gardens (Side note…he said he had done a concrete consult for one of his friends that works at the gardens and that’s why he got the free passes…….he hasn’t worked with concrete in years, but I guess it didn’t phase me.)

    We arrived at McCrory Gardens and the attendant at the desk asked us if we had been there before. I said no, and she proceeded to get out a map and point out different sites within the garden. (Later I found out this was driving Adam crazy because he had been there earlier in the day scouting out just the right spot in the 90 degree heat.)

    We started walking through the garden and I got excited because I saw this cute little cottage. I wanted to go check it out, so I started walking faster. He immediately pulled me back and before I knew what was happening, he was down on one knee, asking me to marry him.

    I was laughing so hard, I think he had to ask me three times before I said yes! Then I saw someone behind the trees taking photos. Here Adam had had one of his friends taking pictures of the whole thing. I will cherish those photos forever.

    Dwight & Katie

    My fiance Katie and I have been together for almost three years. We met at bible college in Wisconsin, but it wasn’t until a year later that we fell in love. Near my home town of Watertown, there is a small roadside chapel. My fiance Katie lives in Prairie City. On the day I proposed, I was bringing Katie home to Watertown for a visit with my family. I had told Katie that we would be stopping by the roadside chapel for bible study and a picnic, but I surprised her by going down on one knee in the little chapel.

    We thank Wink’s Jewelry for all their help, and for explaining all my questions.Bethany & Billy Billy and I have a small dog, named Leo, that loves to go for walks at Oakwood State Park. On January 31st. we decided it would be a beautiful day to get outdoors and take our little Leo to the park for some fresh air. We were enjoying the sunny day and strolling the snowy streets o the park when Billy frantically stated that he had dropped something. I turned around to find him retracing his steps back up the snowy hill we had just walked down. I called out to him to ask what he had dropped, but there was no reply. I started following after him, but he was too far ahead of me to catch up. Finally, after walking all the way back to our car, I still did not know what we were looking for. After a long and nervous pause, he looked me in the eye and told me that he loved me and that he had bought me a gift, but it must have fallen out of his pocket while we were walking. I could see beads of sweat coming down his face, and I knew nervous. He said it must have fallen out of his pocket while picking up our dog when a car drove by. I grabbed his and we began retracing our steps back up the hill. When we reached the top, Billy saw the corner of a small white box sitting in the snow. He immediately snatched it up, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and we spent the next few moments laughing with relief to have found the little white box and beaming with joy and excitement. We could not have come up with a better story to be able to tell our grandchildren someday. Thank you Wink’s for helping us to find the perfect ring.

    Holly & Marcus

    Marcus knew that when the time came to propose to Holly, he wanted it to be something that was memorable and would let know her how much he cherished the times that they had already shared and how much he looked forward to spending the future with her. After going through photographs of special times Marcus ordered a puzzle representing some of those special times. He then presented the “puzzle” to Holly in small sections letting her piece together each memory. When it came time to put in the last piece, it wasn’t a picture but the question…..”Will you marry me?” She said YES! Congrats to Marcus and Holly and thank you for letting wink’s fine jewelry be a part of your special day.